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About Romeo: I was born in Zululand (Matubatuba) and moved to Chatsworth after I finished matric to further studies. I worked for Samsung repair centre for 14 years. Radio is my passion.

Radio Experience & Progression: In November 2001, I joined Hindvani, a community Hindi radio station as a presenter (volunteer).  I presented various music and dedication shows as well as breakfast and afternoon drive shows. During my time at Hindvani, I learned a lot about Hinduism, the Hindi language, culture, and music. I joined Lotus FM as a presenter in April 2017.

Accomplishments:  I was nominated by Radio Hindvani listeners as the best and No. 1 presenter in 2014,2015,2016,2017. In September 2017,  I presented  the documentary “Ganesha Chaturthi”, which aired on SABC 2.  I won the Liberty radio award for the best weekend breakfast show in April 2019.

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking scrumptious meals and baking in my house. I listen to good music. Love outdoor activities.

General Facts:
I’m the original, unique, fun loving, and bubbly person with good sense of humour. I respect everyone. I laugh alot but very shy to strangers. 3 things that makes me angry : lack of communication, incompetent people and lies. I am a Capricorn that tells you that I’m an angel and I love myself too much. I nearly forgot to mention that I am a party animal…love dancing in the jollz.


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