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His name is Govender……..Ravi Govender.   He was born in Victoria Street, Durban, on October 17th, just two blocks from the Indian Market.

He wrote two popular columns for a national newspaper, namely Down Memory Lane and Déjà Vu.


He is a public speaker, entrepreneur, serves on the board of a major Durban Hospital and is also a successful author, having written two books. His hobbies are rugby, reading and watching movies and he is a Hollywood film buff as well as a James Bond nut.


Ravi’s favourite actors are Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino and his favourite movies are The Wild Geese and any 007 movie. His take on Bollywood is that "Priyanka Chopra is the cutest thing on two legs" and he rates Veer Zara as his best Eastern movie.


Ravi formed his own charity by accident, but it has grown by leaps and bounds. It was named The Bond Initiative by his fans – BOND standing for Beginning Of a New Dawn.  As the name suggests, the charity assists people to get a new start in life.  This charity is not affiliated with LotusFM or the SABC. It is funded neither by government nor business, but on the kindness of the ordinary man as no funds are solicited.


Ravi Govender currently hosts The Vinyl Countdown every Fridays from 7pm -9pm. The show includes the best old school English music and classics and covers five decades of music in every show.  Contact Ravi @ ravigovender@telkomsa.net  or Facebook.



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