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About Karrushar : I am an inspired, motivated and determined entrepreneur. My purpose is to use all platforms to share knowledge and awareness. My passion for creating opportunity leads me to think successfully and away from the box. Always in harmony with nature! My journey in radio and life has taught me that gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom and most importantly sharing it, is the first step to humanity, we are after all spiritual beings enjoying a human experience. Although my tertiary education started in 2009 where I obtained my National Diploma and then a degree in Journalism, my real knowledge only set in once I consciously became a student of life a few years ago.

Radio Experience and Progression: My radio journey with SABC started in 2012 where I read news on Lotus FM for one year. I then became the traffic presenter on the afternoon drive show then known as "The Desi Drive." I spent 3 years on the Desi Drive and thereafter became the host of The Flipside for just over a year. This is when I learnt the art of radio and that practise becomes routine, routine becomes repetition and repetition becomes skill. I'm also an inspired, motivated and determined film and TV business entrepreneur with the motive to teach and serve opportunity. My purpose is to use all platforms to share knowledge and consciously build awareness on how to create a conducive environment for children to grow up in. Living in harmony with nature allows me to think not in the box, not out of the box but away from the box.

Accomplishments : Feeding 100 children.  Running an international film company.  Travelled to 6 different countries in a space of 1 year.  BTech Degree - Journalism

Making movies.
Radio Presenting.
Watching movies.

General Facts:  I celebrated my 21st birthday on live radio! Total foodie.


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