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About Deon Chetty aka "DC": A DJ, RJ, Actor,Drama Technical Producer For The SABC. I don’t just mix music, I showcaset art of Dj’ing…..


Radio Experience and Progression: started with community radio and from 2000 onwards, I worked for the SABC starting from the bottom. Doing various shows on Lotus FM like Déjà Vu, The Dna Show, Dance Lab, read news on Newsbreak, Morning and Afternoon drives, Lunch time radio and of course…In Da Mix with DC. I also work for all SABC radio stations across the country and my mixes are always featured on some of them like 5fm.  More than 15 years experience now at the SABC.


Accomplishments: I always believe that I have reached a lot of accomplishments, actually on a daily basis because if I tell myself that I have reached all my accomplishments, then theres nothing else to accomplish. But what I’m proud about is that I have accomlished something of the highest which is the SABC Technology Award as the number 1 technical producer in the country within the SABC and to date, I still hold that title. As a DJ, my skills get better every day through practicing all the time..remember, practice makes perfection.


Hobbies: Music is my life. Mixing and scratching vinyl everyday is what I do. Prior to that, if I have time, I love to walk on beach and re think.  Socialising is my think. I’m a very humble soul and I always like helping people out and animals.  Showing love to animals is massive hobby of mine.


General Facts:  Being humble and full of love and also a person with kind soul, is me…..Deon Chetty…Peace and Love!



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