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Jovan Moonsamy commenced his DJ career in 2016. Whilst being exposed to the Entertainment Industry, he decided to upgrade his skillset and learn about public speaking & officially began his career in being a Master of Ceremonies in November 2021. He is currently the Presenter of The Dance Lab on Lotus FM every Saturday from 21:00 – 00:00. Jovan’s full-time job is in Finance. He is currently studying towards a B. Com Degree. He previously was a fitness coach and is still dedicated to his exercise routine and healthy eating. Jovan began live-streaming on Facebook in early 2021 and his streams began going viral since. He received the same engagement in the year 2022 when he began live streaming on TikTok with his streams reaching an average of 20 000 listeners weekly. He has become recognised as one of the highest performing live streams in the country, landing him sponsorship deals and bookings at some of the most prestigious events. He’s well-known for his high energy & charisma on and off stage.



Experience And Progression: 


  • Jovan started an events business and professional disc jockey at private events and local bars since 2016.
  • He has been a Master of Ceremonies since November 2021.
  • He has been Live show-hosting on Facebook since 2021.
  • He has been Live show-hosting on Tik Tok since 2022.





  • Host of 1 of SA’s highest performing live streams.
  • Headliner DJ at some of the biggest clubs and events.


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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)