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About Rivash Soni Davnarayan:

Rivash Soni Davnarayan commenced his work in arts and entertainment in 2013. He is a seasoned radio presenter having served as a Breakfast Show anchor, model and creative writer. He is currently the Presenter of The Weekend Explosion every Saturday and Sunday from 09:00-12:00 on Lotus FM. He has also worked as a lecturer in education training and development. Rivash is an advocate for mental health and a motivational speaker serving as a vessel for youth cultural engagements for the purpose of language preservation and cultural heritage in his community. He is actively involved in his mom's business, loves cars, philosophy and personal fitness.


Experience And Progression: 


  • Rivash graduated with a Diploma in Performing Arts and Media.
  • Thereafter, he pursued a career in education, training and development. He then graduated as an occupationally directed education, training and development practitioner.
  • During his tenure as a lecturer, Rivash won a DJ competition on a community radio station and has been a radio presenter since, whilst also working as a part time model.
  • He has served as the breakfast show host and producer on a community radio station before Joining Lotus FM as the presenter and producer of The Weekend Explosion.





  • Rivash has raised over R630 000 for a charity organization in 3 hours in aid of the aged which to date is the highest record.
  • He has been acknowledged by the Durban Chamber of Commerce for outstanding project coordination.
  • He has graduated from various qualifications ranging from Performing Arts and Media, Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices, Emotional Intelligence, Digital Marketing in Enterprise Development and Project Management.


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