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Rafeek Hassen presents Deenyaat on Sundays between 20:00-21:00. Deenyaat is an educational religious programme focusing on the Islam Religion. It features discussions on topics ranging from Drugs, Palestine, Organ donations in Islam, ETC.Also Dua time, which is prayers for any illness, death or prosperity.  

About Rafeek : I'm a retired Pharmacist and the Founder and Director of  iiFRI - Islamic Interfaith Research Institute, promoting understanding between people of various faiths. I have a wife, 4 children & 10 grandchildren.

Radio Experience & Progression : I have over 20 years with Lotus FM. 15 years as a regular guest & the past 5 years presenting Deenyaat

Accomplishments : MA in Religion & Culture. I'm currently doing a PHD in Religion & Culture. Presented papers on interfaith dialogue in over 10 countries internationally. 

Hobbies :  I enjoy reading, travelling & meeting people of other faiths & cultures.

General Facts: I believe in the oneness & equality of all humanity.


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