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About Zakia: 

Zakia Ahmed Siddiqi believes that radio is powerful. It. Connects, it entertains, it’s apart of people’s homes and it’s been her life. By being on air, she connected with people through music. She has entertained people through speech and through understanding silence. She’s had the privilege of being apart of their homes. While Zakia can confidently say that she has done it all when it comes to radio, she is now hosting Talk@7, an exciting venture that allows her to engage, entertain, and educate her audience? On matters that are important to them. She also have a very special show Local Vocal, which showcases South Africa’s impressive musicians. Because she is mad about music and proud of her people, this show is particularly close to her heart. Her career has had so many highlights that she could write a book. She  met, interviewed and worked with so many greats: Nusrat Fateh AliKhan, Amitabh Bachchan, our own Ramesh Hassan but the greatest honour of her career is connecting with the listeners who gave and continue to give her their audience. That’s what radio is truly about!   

Experience and Progression: 


  • I started on radio by accident. Went for an audition as a lead in a play and got selected as a new voice for radio.
  • I haven’t looked back since and I am proud to say I have tasted success all the way(I don’ know the meaning of modesty).  
  • Knowing that I can make a positive difference makes my profession a meaningful one.


  • Meeting Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan will always be a moments one. Being asked to compere Jagit Singh with my husband Safee Siddiqi is an achievement that I will cherish.  
  • The other biggie was being compere for the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan concert during his first visit to South Africa.  
  • And then followed being compere for a string of SA and international artists.
  • One of my pet projects on radio is broadcasting to a live audience from international soapie stars to international singers and local artists as well.  



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