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About Veena : I hold a PhD in Comparative Literature. I'm a former academic of the University of  KwaZulu Natal. I'm passionate about language , literature and all genres of music.. I have been very involved in the protection of  the  African languages and the Indian Languages in South Africa and was involved in several government committees to ensure that the aforementioned languages are protected .I'm currently working in conjunction with the South African Hindu Maha Sabha on a project aimed at online learning of the Indian Languages in a South African context.

Radio Experience & Progression: I joined the station more than a decade ago. I have contributed to the station as a freelance presenter and producer. The Hindi programme Geetanjali is largely a platform that is used to teach Hindi and promote the notion that Indian Culture is not Bollywood. Bhakti Sangeeth is a spiritual programme that brings the different linguistic groups in a Hindu  context  together in the search for the  ultimate spiritual truth.


Accomplishments: I have interviewed some of India’s greatest musicians; doyens and legends of Hindustani classical musicians.Some of the names are: 
Pt Jasrajji,  Pt Haripersadh Chaurasiaji, Pt Shiv Kumar Sharmaji , Dr L Subramaniumji,  Jagjit Singhji,  Anup Jalotaji,  Niladri Kumar,  Rahul Sharma,  
AR Rahman,  Pankhaj Uddhas,  Kavitha Krishnaamurthy Subramanium,  Prachi Desai. Most of the afore mentioned artistes are National Award winners in India. Many are already given the titles of legends and many are legends in the making. I also been Programme Director for  most of the shows of most of the artists above.

I have to date, produced two CDs. One is titled “Jyoti Dhwani- The Sound of Light” and “Cherish South Africa” which contains a song inspired while listening to the father of our nation deliver his inauguration speech. The song is in Hindi.

Both of these albums have my  personal compositions.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, travelling, gardening  and listening to all genres of music and composing music.

General Facts : 

  1. A language purist
  2. Married
  3. Been in the education field for 37 years.
  4. Been involved in music longer.
  5. Served in many organizations and committees that have worked towards making South Africa a better place for all.





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