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Aside from being one of the hottest hosts on arguably the most successful weekday morning shows in the history of Lotus FM (O'Neil in the Morning) and from conducting the first radio broadcast live from India for the African Continent in 2007, this Durban born jock has changed the style of Prime-Time Radio on the station. O’Neil Nair, is probably the only radio personality who carved his own niche in the media industry with the sharpness of his wit, alone.


He has certainly taken radio to new heights, broadcasting from all corners of the globe, whether it be from the pinnacle of the Moses Mabhida Stadium, seconds before diving off the Big Rush Jump or coming to listeners live from the depths of the underwaters, amidst like-minded predators in Ushaka’s shark tank.  


Known for having one of the best voices on radio, O’Neil Nair has managed to smart-talk his way onto the more visual media platform, hosting TV documentaries and Sports shows. He was also a presenter during the 2010 Soccer World cup and ICC World Cup 2011 as well as the IPL. He also managed to scribe his path into highly competitive print media industry.


 From his teenage years, O’Neil found a passion for radio becoming a big fan of one of the few black voices on radio at the time. This presented a huge motivation to get behind the microphone and he started his radio career in the year 1998. He embarked on may CSI campaigns including the "Save Renuka Sunflower fund drive" and collecting the school fees through listener donation for all the kids at Lotus Primary in Chatsworth amongst others.


O’Neil a businessman, currently hosts “The Connection”, every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm. The show consists of a city lifestyle featuring music, comedy, laid-back weekend lifestyle show. He also hosts the “Morning Masala” every Sunday from 7am-10am. This is a Breakfast show with comedy, sport and listener interaction to spice up your morning. One of the mantra’s he lives by is ‘’keep the passion”. Tune in to find out more…


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