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Mana music mee paatalu (meaning : our music, your songs)

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06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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Archana Sridhar

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To promote, create and preserve interest towards appreciation of Telugu language which is one of the designated classical and official languages of India.

The show airs classical, semiclassical, devotional, folk and Telugu film songs ranging from golden oldies to the trending hits. The important religious festivals are observed and explained on the show.One of the key features of the show are the Telugu language lessons, where the listener is encouraged to learn telugu through Sangeeta Nilayamu and use these simple words to boost their cultural identity.The show also features explanation of a Telugu song so that the listener can appreciate the context and meaning of the language.

Global and local news from the telugu community educate, empower, and inform and the listener about events happening worldwide. Individuals/performers/artists from within the Telugu community locally and internationally are interviewed from time to time.


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