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Veena Lutchman

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The show focuses on the Hindi language in a South African context. The music focuses on lyrics that appeals to a language purist. The show aims at getting people actively involved in learning the Hindi language. There are two features that specifically focus on learning Hindi the fun way. The first lesson focuses on current issues like International Yoga Day. Simple sentences are shared in English with the Hindi equivalent.  The second feature focuses on decoding popular idioms. The listeners attempt providing answers and those who get the idiom correct have their names mentioned. In both the features syntax and semantics play an important role in understanding how the Hindi language works. 

The show also focuses on saluting great artists like singers, instrumentalists, lyricists, and composers. The idea is to develop an appreciation of all involved in creating the magic that we enjoy through music.

Geetanjali is featured on Lotus FM every Monday from 6pm to 7pm.

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