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Avin Moorley

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Themed show that allegedly broadcasts from an actual Jungle (whereabouts unknown).  

Avin Moorley is the King of that Jungle who will have you either dancing for 3 hours or rolling on the floor with laughter.

Avin is joined by Diresh Sinath, Lenisha Pakkiri, elephants, lions, monkeys, wolves and not forgetting Chippie.  No animals are injured in the presentation of this show….well except for Diresh’s ego and everyone’s ears when Lenisha attempts to sing.


  • Loads of humour.
  • Up-tempo playlist that includes an hour of listener requests between 3-4pm.
  • Wacky features that incl. interviews with celebrities, upcoming pop artists, hypnotists, porn stars and so on.
  • Console game and Movie reviews.
  • Crossing over with Cindy Kruger,
  • The infamous Gargoyle,
  • Bubble mix,
  • Moerse mix
  • Weekend Sport updates
  • Wildcard


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