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07:00 AM - 10:00 AM


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Shaastra Nagesar

Mishka Gounden

Althaf Suleman

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The Morning Rush is by far the most popular show on LotusFM and the stats on back this up. 

No one is safe; the audience wanted more so we gave them more. Just before you drop the kids off at school on Monday's,Tuesday's and Thursday's at 07:20; we’ve added a new and original mini drama, come comedy serial called Squad Cabs.  Every Wednesday at 07:20 is our very own Pariokees (that's our own word) which are song parodies and on Friday’s at 07:20 is our most popular song parody that has amassed over 100,000 views to date.  One of there latest new Characters Nanda, 
calls studio to frequently check up on the show. Nanda sells Madombi's for a living and his favourite show is the 
Morning Rush.

With the times changing we've also slanted our focus to social media. We dedicate an hour every day to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This gives the show a current edge. Are the presenters still crazy, yes you better believe it. Shaastra is our epic producer stitching the show framework together, Althaf is still our sports guy as no one else wants to get up this early and work with us. Finally, and Mishka, will guide you through the morning traffic.


It’s manic, it's fresh, it's different every day, you never know what these guys will come up with, and that’s what makes the 
Morning Rush different.


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