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 Here is a detailed list of needs that will contribute to uplifting the present physical school environment, improve the educational resources and excite the learning experience of our learners.


The ablution facilities of both the learners and teachers are in a poor condition. A list of materials and the cost of labour is attached.



Our classrooms doors and stock rooms have no security gates. It is a risk to leave equipment or resources in them. We need approximately 100m of steel palisade fencing to cordon off parts of the school and approximately 200m of galvanised wire mesh fencing to ensure the safety of learners and educators. At the entrance of the school we need concrete palisade of approximately 50m. 



The entrance of the school needs landscaping with plants and flowers so that learners and guests have a positive attitude towards the school. Good signage making it clear that weapons, drugs, etc, are not permitted or allowed. Restrictions on entry and the legal prohibitions on state property.    



We created a large room that can accommodate 150 people using 3 classrooms. This mini hall is used for parent-teacher meetings, grade assemblies and NSC Matric exams.   We need 100 desks and 100 black plastic chairs that we can use for our matric examinations so that we do not need to affect the learning process in the rest of the school. Our admission numbers are also increasing annually. We need another 150 desks and 150 black plastic chairs to accommodate the increase and cater for damaged or broken furniture.

We want to tiles this room and put curtains to shield learners from direct sunlight. We need 150  of tiles, 80 bags of tile cement, 10L Keycote liquid and 40kg grout. Curtain fabric of 100m and curtaining accessories.





The subject hospitality offers our learners an opportunity to equip themselves with skills that prepare them for employment in the Hospitality and Services industry. Besides our learners, members of the community will also benefit through cooking lessons and function hosting skills. We need the following equipment and accessories:

  • Construction of 7 workstations with blocks and granite tops
  • Plumbing and electrical fittings and fixtures
  • 6 ovens and 6 hobs for 6 learner workstations
  • 1 oven and hob for teacher demonstrations
  • 2 microwave ovens
  • Cutlery and Crockery
  • Pots, pans and general cooking utensils.
  • Food processors, blenders, kettles, etc
  • Table cloths, serving dishes, serving spoons, etc
  • Aprons, napkins and chef hats/protective headgear
  • Any other equipment or accessories used for cooking and presentations. 
  • Angled demonstration mirror so that learners can observe cooking demonstrations.




We are in need of:

  • a good sound system, speakers and microphone
  • data projector and 3mx2m screen
  • a DVD or CD player
  • a handheld megaphone loudhailer
  • Sporting equipment
    • Soccer mini goalposts, balls, jerseys/bibs
    • Netball jerseys/bibs and balls
    • Volleyball stands, nets, balls and jerseys/bibs
    • Chess sets
    • Athletics starter gun, tug-o-war rope.
    • Skipping ropes, tennis balls and training cones


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