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Lotus FM is the only National Indian Radio Station in South Africa, broadcasting nationwide and streaming to the world.  LotusFM first aired on the 8 January 1983 and was first presented by Abel Peters known as Thunderbolt under the station management of Isabel Van De Linde.

We are the entertainment powerhouse for South African Indians, offering the most popular fusion music and entertainment. Lotus FM is known for its music, DJs and events.  Although broadcasting is done in English, the station prides itself on providing entertaining language shows, teaching listeners to speak in their mother tongue – Tamil, Urdu, Hindi, Telegu and Gujurati.

Our inclusive mindset, combined with our passionate innovative attitude, allow the station to deliver an environment where the diverse South African meet and amplify their experiences.  Therefore our station tagline is “Share the Experience”

Lotus FM is headquartered at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in Kwa Zulu Natal.

LotusFM is now under the station management of Alvin Pillay.

Catch LotusFM on 87.7 to 106.8.


Latest Stats

  • 367 000 listeners
  • 19 250 likes on Facebook - Like us on Facebook
  • 47 379 followers on Twitter - Follow us on Twitter


Latest Achievements

  • Collecting school shoes in the Warm Hearts Campaign
  • 2012 MTN Radio Awards: Morning Show



Typical Listener:

Proudly South African Indian individual; Age: 35 -50 yrs ; Techno - savy ; highly aspirational; highly educated


Station Footprint

Semi National – KZN, JHB, PE, CT

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